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Insurance Information

Insurance is very important part of a business. We are fully insured and a registered company with the state of North Dakota.

Over the past number of years, finding insurance for inflatable games has become more expensive and harder to find. So expensive in fact, some companies are simply choosing to go without insurance or having policies that are filled with exclusions that you'll never know about until its too late.

Many companies even understand all the liabilities that are included with inflatables. Sometimes they even deny the fact that they are under-insured or not insured at all.

Ask For Proof Of Insurance

Any legitimate professional company should be able to produce the with proof of insurance upon request. We supply our clients with a copy of our liability certificate—please ask for your copy and we will email you a copy.

Do not leave yourself open to liability by choosing a cheaper company with little or no insurance at all. We have a perfect safety record and have been to hundreds of events—ranging from small parties to large corporate and school events, and entire town celebrations.

Everything We Own Is Fully Insured—No exclusions!

We know that protecting your liability is a large part of having a great event. We are your one stop Amusement Rental Store and we are committed to providing a fun and safe event for you!

If you have any questions regarding our insurance, please contact us.

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